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Helping you Protect Lives and Properties against the Hazards of Fire

Suppressing most fires before major losses occur

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Over 10 African Countries are being served by Us

Pipe Fitters who have installed and commissioned different firefighting projects in different countries across Africa such as:
Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC, Namibia, Nigeria etc, with a commitment to
innovate, install and retail quality firefighting products while providing world-class quality services

Our Ultimate Fire Solutions

Get to know all about our services. From fire protection awareness, risk assessment,
systems consulting, design, installation and maintenance , we help with them all

What we do


When designing fire systems either simple or complex it is of extreme importance that our design team works closely with the client’s engineers in selecting the correct product to eliminate any discrepancies that could lead to failure in the system.



Fire Elimination strength lies in the expertise in our diverse team of engineers who are always at the forefront to design, install and commission the system to meet the requirements of NFPA, BS standard and local authority.


Since “Fires” are unpredictable and they must be dealt with immediately, we provide complete maintenance solutions of firefighting and fire alarm systems wherever and whenever required.



We can also deliver fire training face-to face on your premises, at a time to suit you. All of our training is delivered by qualified personnel who can provide a unique insight on the topic. You’ll also get to experience using firefighting equipment such as fire extinguishers for real.

Our network

Fire Safety

Make sure you have clearly labeled and accessible escape routes.

Make sure fire fighting equipment is available throughout the entire property.

Make sure the fire alarm system is working and is tested regularly.

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