Fire Elimination (Pvt) Ltd

Fire Elimination Engineers

We are Fire Elimination (Pvt) Ltd

Protecting the lives and properties of our customers against the hazards of fire

We are commitment to innovate and provide world-class quality services; providing the latest technology and equipment, allowing us to give our customers the best services possible. We also do a follow ups on all clients to ensure that all the services and equipments supplied are efficiently running and serviced on time. Our basis is the need of ensuring safety to the public and proper usage of firefighting equipment.

Our History

Fire Elimination is a Zimbabwean firefighting registered company in terms of the Zimbabwe Companies Act Chapter 24:03 under Certificate of Incorporation Number 9617/2014. The start up was formed by Pipe Fitters who have installed and commissioned different firefighting projects in over 10 African countries, motivated by the great need for safety in mines and by the rising of buildings in the country and beyond.

Our Mission

To be the leading fire risk management organization through the provision of fire detection, protection and extinguishment systems in Africa to ensure that all products and services provided are of the highest standard and exceed the requirements of our customers at all times.

Our Vision

To excel in what we do and build a safe and secure environment for communities

Our team

Our Distinctive Qualities

On time
Customer Service
technical expertise

Sectors we Serve

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